Keeshae Jacobs

Keeshae Jacobs Foundation

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At the age of 21, Keeshae Jacobs went missing on September 26, 2016. Since then, Toni's kept constant communication with the Richmond Police Department and other organization to keep Keeshae's image and likeness on the minds of the communities in and around the Richmond Metropolitan area. Toni has hosted Rallies and even went door to door in effort to help locate Keeshae. Four months after Keeshae went missing, her son Deavon was murdered at the age of 25.


With the loss of her son and her daughter missing, Toni is fighting for justice for her son while continuing the search for her daughter Keeshae. Toni has started her own missing person's Day Event which happens annually as well as been apart of many other events of the same likeness. 

Because of these events and circumstances, the Keeshae Jacobs Foundation was birthed into existence.

 You can also support the Keeshae Jacobs Foundation by purchasing as "Unique" Basket in the product options. A portion of the purchase will go the search efforts for Keeshae!