Sage & Sage Smudge Sets

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Sage & Sage Smudge Sets

Burning sage (smudging) is an ancient spiritual ritual.
Burning sage can be purifying
Burning sage can dispel negative energy
Burning sage can help soothe stress and improve the quality of your sleep
Burning sage is used to achieve a healing state
Burning sage can establish a positive environment for meditation
Burning sage can cleanse/empower specific objects
Burning sage can improve your mood

White sage - antimicrobial
White sage & rosemary - protect, purify, inspire
White sage & rose petals - purify, positivity
Blue sage - soothe, clear, purify
Yerba santa - heal, cleanse, release

Abalone shell carries healing energies, energies of protection and emotional balance. The Abalone shell is used to hold the burning sage. Sage can be burned loose or in a bundle. The feather is used to fan the smoke around the person, area or object being cleansed.