Luving Me Naturally


Relax Me - Lavender & chamomile essential oils combine to bring you a relaxing & aromatic sensation. Lavender helps to reduce anxiety and stress; it improves brain function and sleep and works to relieve headaches. Chamomile's benefits include the ability to reduce inflammation, relieve depression and anxiety, soothe muscle cramps and PMS systems. Apply Relax Me prior to bed for a restful & relaxing slumber. Safe to use on children. Combines well with Lavender & Vanilla sugar scrub, whipped sugar scrub and bath bombs.

Awaken Me - Peppermint, orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils will awaken your senses and and help to uplift your moods! Peppermint essential oils helps bring a calming effect on the body and can relieve sore muscles when used topically. Orange essential oil is a great antidepressant by inducing a sense of happiness and well-being. Orange oil can help to regulate the inflammatory response of the body to allergens, injuries and infections. Grapefruit oils is naturally high in antioxidants that reduce disease-causing inflammation. It reduces depression and stimulates the immune system. Lemon essential oil benefits include cleansing and purification and nourishment of the skin. Pairs well with Citrus Mint or Refresh sugar scrub, whipped sugar scrub and lemongrass bath bombs.

Luving Me - Jasmine, rose geranium, ylang ylang and clary sage essential oils combine to wrap your body in a luving and romantic fragrance. Jasmine essential oil is a natural remedy for improving mood, overcome stress and balance hormones. Jasmine acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Rose geranium oil is helps to reduce feelings of stress and worry. It can uplift moods and promote feelings of well-being. Ylang ylang has multiple health benefits. Some of the beneficial properties include antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antiseborrheic (anti eczema) and sedative. Clary sage's beneficial properties include antidepressant, anticonvulsant, astringent, aphrodisiac and antinflammitant. Combine with Romance sugar scrub, whipped sugar scrub or bath bomb.

Illuminate Me - The alluring scent of amber fragrance oil combines with sandalwood and bergamot essential oil to create this luscious and warm unisex fragrance. Sandalwood's primary benefit is that it promotes mental clarity. Sandalwood also is a natural astringent, aphrodisiac, relaxes and calms moods and is an antiseptic. Bergamot has great properties. It helps to reduce infection especially skin infections. It is helpful in eliminating headaches, sprains and muscle aches as well as a relaxant and sedative. Give your skin extra moisture and combine with Refresh sugar scrub or whipped sugar scrubs.

LaMar - The warm and enticing fragrance mix of musk fragrance oil, cedarwood, frankensense and orange essential oil combine to give you LaMar. A more masculine type fragrance, so the men can have healthy and great smelling skin also! Can also be used as a beard dressing! Cedarwood essential oil promotes hair grown, reduces skin irritations and helps alleviate skin infections. Frankinsense essential oil works as an astringent and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and is an effective antiseptic. Pairs well with Cashmere bath bombs.

A Day at the Spa - ADATS (a day at the spa) is a sweet and succulent fragrance! It combines 2 fragrance oils and will bathe your body in luscious sweet notes of fragrance. Pairs well with ADATS bath bombs.

Vanilla Pomegranate - The juicy fragrance of pomegranate is wrapped up in the warm notes of vanilla. Smother your body in the cozy and refreshing scent of the combined fragrance oils. Use in combination with Vanilla Pomegranate sugar scrub, whipped sugar scrub and bath bombs.

Orange Vanilla - When you think of the combination of orange and vanilla, what do you think of?? If you said creamsicle, then you got it correct! This dreamy combination puts a spin on the creamy and juicy popsicle that you loved as a kid. Apply to the skin and allow the light fragrance to envelope your body. Wrap your body in extra moisture when you pair this with Orange Vanilla sugar scrub, whipped sugar scrub or bath bombs.

Refresh - Ginger and lime combine to give your skin a refreshing and clean scent. 

Cashmere - The warm notes of amber, vanilla and musk will wrap your body in a luscious blanket of captivating scent.

No phalathates/ No parabens/ Natural Luv for your body